The main causes of coughing and snot when teething

Eruption of the first teeth is a very painful process for the baby. He behaves capriciously, refuses to eat, and does not sleep well during this period. The appearance of the first teeth can also cause coughing and snot. The task of parents is to notice and facilitate the flow of teething for the baby […]

8 interesting facts about turmeric for teeth

Diseases of the teeth and oral cavity are very serious. So you can’t delay their treatment. This can lead to more serious problems and even loss of teeth. However, dental procedures performed by qualified dentists are very expensive. This is why people are starting to look for alternative ways to deal with oral and dental […]

Can I get rid of Tartar at home?

Addiction to coffee and tea, as well as smoking, certainly leads to the appearance of Tar-Tar. However, not many people are able to give up their daily habits in order to avoid problems with their teeth. However, you should not completely ignore this problem. Tar-Tar not only negatively affects the appearance of teeth but can […]

5 tips or those who are concerned about the taste of acetone in the mouth

The state of your teeth and mouth is an important indicator of not only well-grooming but also the state of human health. It is the smile and teeth that many people pay attention to when they first meet. It can both make a good impression on the interlocutor, and make him refuse to communicate with […]

Care for the oral cavity: 5 simple tips

The taste that you feel in your mouth depends on what you eat. However, many people note the presence of an unpleasant taste of acetone, which is completely unrelated to the food they eat. Undoubtedly, this is a cause for concern and treatment to the doctor. However, it is worth investigating whether this phenomenon is […]